Enthiran Audio

Most expected and the shaking music has been released.Yes the Endhiran audio was released. They have released it in Malayasia.What about TamilNadu? Is Tamilnadu not fit for Releases of audio? If audio launch was not in TasmilNadu,then why the movie is going to release in TamilNadu.Better release the movie only in Malaysia.

Yep..This sounds boring..We can see the review of audio.

AR Rahman audio was as usual rocking and the songs are so good.Especially Kilimanjaro and Arima was fantastic entertainers. Boom Boom Robo da and all the songs including intro songs was enjoyable.

Enthiran Audio

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Ek Dhuje Keliye-Kamal's masterpiece

Watch these pieces from Ek-Dhuje-Keliye casting Kamal and Rati Agnikothri by Balachander.Music by Lakshikanth Piyarilal.A dubbing of Marocharitra of Telugu which was a big flop but it was a hindi mega hit film .

I have viewed Ek-Dhuje keliye three days before and it was a good love film which depicted all sorts of methods used by lovers of 1980s but the Kamal's part in love was not good and strong at the later half which was a sad ending then..

Mere Jeevan Saathi

Hum Bane

Tere Mere Beech Mein

The video in which Kamal has proved himself. Watch this piece from 02:30 sec till 05:19 sec.Kamal speaks various slangs of Hindi (Bombay,Delhi,Punjaabi,Urdu,Lucknow,Meerut,Madhura)

Unique piece of Kamal in Hindi

Unnai Pol Oruvan-Trailer

The next venture of Universal Hero was Unnai Pol oruvan with Mohan lal in Tamil and Venkatesh in Telugu.
The film was an exact remake of the famous hindi movie,"Wednesay" which has an inspiring storyline.The film was remaked by the genius Kamal.

The trailer was released and it depicts the same scenes as it was in Wednesday yet the editing with background music was great and the pronounciations of Kamal in Tamil and Telugu was superb with his profound English slangs.Here is the download links of the trailers.Watch and enjoy in both Tamil and Telugu.

Unnai Pol Oruvan-Tamil


Cinema Review-Pokkisham - An Epic

Yes.Absolutely a Pokkisham(treasure) for cinema and story lovers.The entire film was indeed a poetic cine version which was lovable because of richness in Tamil and all the efforts were turned into a success in the visual scenes.
The 1970s were viewed in every frames of the flashback.The director Cheran,camera of Rajesh Yadav have toiled hard to bring a 1970 background...

The storyline was brought back after a long time by Cheran.A movie should be destined to one story and should not deviate in other masalas and Pokkisham has successfully stood devoid of masalas,double meaning,dramatic sentiments.The film is too real and hence this can be called a good and pure cinema.

The story starts when Lenin(Cheran)'s son Aryan Rajesh(Mahesh) start reading his father's diary.Then the entire film travel in 1970.The director,cinematographer and music director have given a good input in every frames. The love between Lenin(Cheran) and Nadheera(PadmaPriya) was pure and the sprouting of love,friendship,respect to woman and the poetic letters were a crown to Cheran.

The love letters were dipped in poetic tamil and exaggeration is the key concept of a poem and it was shown good.The patience which was lacking in lovers of this generation was shown and meanwhile the patience of the old generation lovers were shown clearly and comparitively.

The line,"I am tensed if I dont get a single reply for your message but how they waited for a reply for one month is really unimaginable" by Aryan Rajesh(Mahesh)'s lover .

The patience was a necessity and the loneliness created by a lover were explained which is to be appreciated because they are the key concepts needed by the lovers of the present.

The scene which depicts the expectations of Lenin for letters from Nadheera moves like a poem.The comedy was lacking in film but the scene when Lenin goes after the postman to confirm that his letters were taken to the post office because he dont get reply for two letters from Nadheera was really comic. Then the scene when Cheran owe that he talk only to Nadheera and wait for three days by not talking to anybody and the explanation via actions to his neighbours was good but he was forced to talk to the peon of the college to call his lady love were places where we can feel humour.

The love lorn Lenin then yearn for the letters of Nadheera but Nadheera's father cheats everyone and the pain of Lenin was portrayed in his encounter to the Nagai village.Then he will get married but his search for his lady love wont end till the last.But the last three letters he cant post because he dont know the address of Nadheera and Aryan make his voyage to Malaysia and deliver the letters driven and impressed by the love of his father which was a newer concept to tamil cinema.

The last three letters depicts realistic love lorn words by Lenin.The make-up of Nadheera was so good and in the entire film,she has lived as a Muslim. The old lady get-up and the acting was also impressive which tells us the hardwork of PadmaPriya and the director Cheran.

Nadheera(PadmaPriya) was so beautiful and her acting was good showing all the possible reations which was expected.

In this film,the lovers wont even touch each other and so the love is so divine and the expression of love by gift was admirable.The scene when Lenin pleads Nadheera by telling, ""Can I see the face which is like a half moon into a full moon(Moonram pirai mathiri irukkura un mugaththa mulu nilava paaka mudiuma?)""

As I said the film was poetic epic,I have remembered the lines of Vairamuthu in reality in this film.I have given the link below.Go and hear the lines of Vairamuthu and watch the film.The words,""The postman will become a God"" and the poem speaks a lot about love which was literally written by Vairamuthu but visually taken by Cheran.


The only boring feature was the songs which comes every half an hour.The songs irritate the flow of the film.Even though the film was great devoid of the songs.

The lovers of present talk not more than five to six hours a day and remaining hours through message but I dont know what they will talk.Even they talk for a plenty minutes,they lack in understanding each other and adjusting which was a great loss and its not a true love. If the same lovers were married,they wont spend much time in mobiles as they do while loving.

I can conclude by telling,"""They love a lot before marriage because only positive characters are exposed during love and after marriage,the full characters can be seen which was harder to learn,adapt,adjust by the lovers and so the love marriages end in failure. The love of present aim at lust and not the hearts."""

Congrats Mr.Universal Hero

The greatest event in cine industry....Yes its the fifty years completion of Universal Hero Dr.Kamal Hasan in cinema field.He is a veteran started his career from "Kalathur Kannamma" and entertaining in a brilliant way adapting new innovations in Tamil Cinema industry.

IANS,a television channel has planned to celeberate a one week programme commemorating our veteran's fifty years completiion in cinema industry and a road is also to be named after KamalHasan.

Sarath Kumar said,"'Renaming the road on which Kamal sir has been living for years would be an apt way of celebrating this great actor, who has completed 50 years in the Tamil film industry'"

Also Sarath Kumar added that he will be presenting a memorandum to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi to rename "Eldams Road" as "'Dr Kamal Hassan road.'"

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Review of Ayan

Yeppaaaa....a great visualisation and good clarity,best sound,superb acion,comedy,friendship,love and feelings are all mixed and given together as Ayan.Though it was a masala movie having all its characteristics,the movie moves best with its storyline and the songs,comedies and love has not deviated the concept of the story.
Surya breaks in fighting and the perfection is seen because of K.V.Anandh.

I am really impressed the way he has taken the film.The first half of the film was really like a hollwood film but the second half is a bit lengthy one.The music of Harris Jeyaraj has added many jewels to the crown.
All songs are rocking and the visualisation was superb.Vizhimoodi song has a grat applause in the theatre.PalaPalakura by Hariharan was the intro song.Nenje song was pleasant.

I have uploaded many photos because I am really impressed the way the screen looks and Surya looks handsome.Surya is becoming handsome day by day,wow how it is possible...Thamanna is a cute selection.She was not only utilised for songs but also for the story which can be appreciated.
The storyline is as usual,hero is a genius and knows every knook and corners of cheating the customs in smuggling and Prabhu is the leader.The villain selection was poor and he has not the apt look for villain and he is more like comedian with lenghty hairs,clean shaven and psychic talks.
The story ends with the B.Sc., student Surya as Customs officer Surya.You can have fun for three hours.First half is the best and is similar to foreign mivies because Surya's stunts are incomparable and makes us merry.The visualisation is the best and of all the films,distributed by Sun Pictures,Ayan is the best.

Belated Film Reviews

Abium Nanum Review:

A love between father and a daughter is beautifully portrayed by RadhaMohan.Every stages are shown good.The apt depiction of growing from child to a girl is shown in a song when thr girl goes in to a room and exit as Trisha.
The music by Vidyasagar was good and the background scores well.The truth of sardarji's hardwork and valour was shown and they are giving a message that they are not inferior,they are all riches but known for their bravery and we waste our time in mocking them.
Amateur acting by PrakashRaj before the admission of Abi in school was not impressing.The question arises that why not even a single relative from Abi's parents have come for Abi's marriage.
Comedy scenes by PrakasRaj and ManoBala makes us to laugh and they are getting applause.Altogether the film was good except one or two logic misses but enjoyable family subject.

Siva Manasula Sakthi-Review:

Nothing was in this film except the songs and one or two comedies.If you except a lot and go,then you will surely feel as what I have felt.Oru Kal rocks in the theatre and was getting a good response.Epadio mattikitten song's visual was nice and unexpected.All the costumes of heroine was good and the heroine was cute.
The phone comedy between Santhanam and Jeeva was comic and enjoyable.

Free Download of Adhe Neram Adhe idam songs

A good audio effect given by Premji Amaran who has proved his music sense in every songs of the film.All songs are enjoyable and youthful

Mudal Murai
Nammooru Chennaiyila
Athu oru kaalam

Toshiba song will be a hit song among youths and the lines are rocking.Mudal Murai is a beautiful melody and will be caller tunes after the film release.Nammoru Chennaiyile by Venkat Prabhu is a love-lorn song and criticising the entire womanhood but nice to hear.Vennilavu song by Vijay Yesudas is slow and good.
Athu oru kalam is also a love-lorn song.
Putting altogether,Premji have scored his maximum in this film and the songs are a great hit.

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Review of the film-Yaavarum Nalam/13B

A must watch film.Recent days,tamil cinema industry has been poisoned by commercial masala movies and low logic concepts.This film can surely be a feast for the lovers of difference in cinema.
It has been released at the same time both in tamil(Yavarum Nalam) and hindi(13B).Its completely different from the existing thriller mixed ghost movies.Its a family sentimented film mixed with thriller effects.The camera of P.C.Sreeram is the main hero of this film and he has make us to wonder with every moves in the camera.
Especially for maddy,this film is a complete different role in his cinelife and he has aptly used his role and acted as a mediator between the story and the people to make the concept go correct.
A complete flawless concept and the flashback has no logic missing.But only one logic missing is when maddy carries nedhu chandra when she was badly wounded and encountered shock but he views the television to know what would happen to her.This is a mistake in logic because no man waits like this and where the other two ladies have gone while maddy is viewing television carrying needhu chandra and why they have not come there is a big question mark.
But the background score and the editing,cinematography makes us to sit on the top of the seat and view with full excitement.But after a long gap,I have seen a good movie filled with horror and thrilling logic and it makes me more happy.Watch this film in theatres and you will feel the thrill in it.
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Jai Ho--The song comes true

The word "Jai Ho"(Let the victory be started)and it started glory at "The Golden Globe","The Bafta" and at last "The Oscar" and made the concept true,"The words become true,whatever may be the good or bad.So have good thoughts and you will always be benefited"
The whole world is praising our IsaiPuyal A.R.Rahman but he is so humble by using the opportunity at the Oscar stage and said,"All fame goes to God".In tamil,எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே .
Every single tamilan and entire India is happy that he has got two Oscar awards.This is possible only because of hardwork and he was paid with the success.

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Free Download of Audio-Siva Manasula Sakthi bu Yuvan

As the film,the audio was too young and tender..The lyrics of Na.MuthuKumar and Music of YuvanSankarRaja has played once again to give us a youthful music and given below is the link to download the audio and the songs are higly compressed for mobile and dial-up users....

Eppadiyo Mattikitten

MGR illainga

Oru Adanga Pidari

Oru Kal

Oru Kal adnan

Oru Paarvaiyil

Theeyai Mooti

Free Download of Audio-TN 07-AL-4777-Vijay antony

The audio was good and the remix of Athichudi was a hip-hop and really shaking music and surely vijay antony has made his place strong through this audio....Here is the link to the audio,download and enjoy

Theme song


Kanneerai Pola

Sorgam Maduvilae


Aathichudi Bit song